Vacation Bible School

Welcome to our at-home Vacation Bible School! 

This great VBS that will help us all claim for ourselves the armor of the Lord and to remember to "Be Strong in the Lord and in the Strength of His Power!" 

Packets with lessons and crafts have been given to those who have requested them.  We have a few additional packets which you can request if you need. 

Below are links for videos that go with each lesson.  Videos have songs, stories, and more.   They are about 30 minutes each.  We recommend a rate of only one lesson per day but you can do them five days in a row, once a week, every other day or whatever format works for your family!   We have also included a link for a PDF for each day if you want more resources than the ones printed in your packet. 

While children can watch the videos alone, we recommend that you watch them with them so that you can engage them in the lesson as well.  The papers and crafts that are in your at home packet may require some additional help from adults depending on your child's age.  This is a great chance to have some holy conversations with the children in your life!  

Some of the science activities and crafts that are in the videos may not be the same that you were provided.  However, there is a craft provided for every day and most science activities can be done with common household ingredients. 

If you have any questions or issues, please reach out to the church or team leads. 

Session 1: Armor Up with Truth

Additonal Pages:

Session 2: Armor Up with Justice

Additional Pages:

Session 3: Armor Up with Peace

Additional Pages:

Session 4: Armor Up with Faith

Additional Pages:

Session 5: Armor Up with Salvation

Additional Pages:

  January 2021  
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