Devotional 5/12/2020

I like to-do lists.  I like setting manageable tasks that I can feel successful at accomplishing.  Part of this is because in my field of work, you are never truly done.  You just decide when to stop every day but there is always other tasks laying out there.  So having a to-do list helps me focus on what I have done versus not done.  But I also like them in my personal life.  Felix asked me what I wanted to do on Mother's Day and my response was to get as many as the to-do list sticky notes done as possible and eat cake.  I am much more productive in my personal and professional life with lists.  

Lists are not for every one though.  Some people do not like them.  Or they like them in a more technological format than my paper and sticky notes.  And I do not need anyone else to like them.  They are for my benefit. And likewise others need to find what works for their benefit.  

This is also true in our faith life.  We all need to find what works best for us.  We cannot think that if it works for us it has to be the way for someone else and vise versa.  My sister-in-law loves yoga and it helps center her.  When I try to do yoga, I start laughing because I am so bad.  For her, it helps connect her to herself and God.  For me, it makes me laugh until I cry but is not very spiritual.  But I have my own practices (and yes they go on the to-do list).  Weirdly, aggressive cleaning helps me occupy my body so my mind and soul can connect with God.  My best sermons follow a cleaned room and this is why if I am in a rut you will find something in my life rearranged and cleaned.  But I have other ones as well. 

The point is that we are all different in how we connect with God.  Yes there will be overlap but the combination of what best connects us with God is a combination unique to us.  And it is on each of us to make sure we are doing what we should. 

We are not always best at doing what we should especially when we are complacent.  I know I work best with to do lists but sometimes I will go weeks without making one. And this is true in our spiritual.  We might know what works best but we slide away from.  Or maybe we know that we have not found it but we just leave discovering new spiritual practices for tomorrow. 

Right now, we are in danger of being complacent spiritually. We are settling into our grooves and watching things gradually reopen.  And it is easy to let our spiritual practices slide.  So be alert and be attentive.  Spend time each day focused on meeting with God in ways best for you.  Do not step away from God and do not let practices wait until tomorrow.  Seek to not be complacent but eager to discover and speak with God each day.  

With love,