Devotional 4/9/2020

Holy Week is an amazing to me.  The Bible accounts never get old.  The awe of what Jesus did for me and for all of us is overwhelming to me.  As Jesus approaches the cross, he knows full well what is to come, he knows he would rather not but then he goes on ahead.  All for us.  

Today is Maunday Thursday.  This would have been the day in the week when Jesus and his disciples gather in the upper room for the meal which would become the Last Supper and the basis of Holy Communion. 

But this was also just a meal with Jesus' family.  Not his biological one, but his faith one.   There would have been laughing and joy .  There would have been plans for tomorrow which would have been later cast aside.  There would have been stories of childhoods and tales of men who were comfortable in each other presence.  Jesus was surrounded by people he loved and who loved him. 

And he willingly left that room, willingly was left by the people he cherished, willingly walked to his trial, willingly beat and humiliated, and eventually crucified.  At any time, Jesus could have aborted this plan and made it to safety with his friends and family.  

However, he did all this willingly, because he loves all of us as much as those first disciples.  He was unwilling for even one of his flock to be lost from him.  He was unwilling that we should receive what we really deserve.  He was unwilling to save himself at the cost of our loss.  

These last few hours of Jesus' before his death showcase both Jesus' love and what he was willing and unwilling to happen.  He was unwilling for us to not be in a healed relationship with God so he was willing to walk this path out of his love for his believers at that time and every one since.  

I invite you over the coming days to saturate your life in Jesus.  Read the accounts of these days found in scripture ( Matthew 26-27:61, Mark 15 and 16, Luke 22 and 23, John 13- 19).  Consider what he did for you- what he was wiling to give for you and what he was unwilling to befall you. Consider his love for you and others.  But mostly focus on Jesus- who he was and who he is.  Do not skip ahead to the resurrection, stay in darkness for now and consider all that he gave.  

With Love,