Devotional 4/7/2020

A few weekends ago, you may remember that it was very windy on Sunday.  So I decided it was time for our family to fly a kite together.  In truth, it was too windy for good kite flying but I figured it would be easy to get it up for brief periods just so they could see what it was about. 

So in that afternoon, I put together our cheap kite and was kind of annoyed with its tails.  It had 4 very long tails.  They were over 20 feet each and as far as I would concerned would just get tangled up when I tried to store it.  But whatever kite.  

We took the girls into the backyard and started to show them the wonders of kite flying.  The great part about it being so windy was that there was no need for a running start.  You just let go of the kite and it flew.  The down side was there was zero control of this kite and it just spiraled around and often crashed.  However the girls loved it!  

The second it started flying, they started laughing and running.  And the crashes did not bother them at all.  They thought this was fabulous.  

However, they misunderstood the purpose of the tails.  Because I was holding the main string, they thought they were supposed to hold onto the tails.  No matter what we said, their belief was they should each hold a tail and that is how you fly a kite. 

And at first we kept insisting they let go.  But then we realized, that in this case it was working.  The tails were so long that each girl could hold one and the kite could still fly. In fact, it helped stabilize it a little bit in the crazy wind. This was not how it was 'supposed' to be done, but we were kite flying and having a blast.  I thought there was only one right way to fly a kite, but I was sure wrong!  It was the best time I have had flying a kite. 

Sometimes in our spiritual/religious lives, we begin to the believe there is only one way to be a great disciple.  This tends to be the way or ways that we are most comfortable with or have done the most.  But we must remember that there are many ways to worship God and to be a disciple.  Our way might not look like our neighbors and that is okay.  However, in this time we must also remember that we might need to adjust ourselves a little bit.  Our patterns of discipleship have been interrupted and so we must adapt if only for a season. 

Kite flying in high winds went better for us with two girls hanging on to tails even though we would not normally fly a kite that way.  And right now you need to find a way to continue your discipleship even if it is not normally how you would do it.  Because  the crucial thing is that you should not be neglecting God and your spiritual life.  Attend diligently to your spirit by trying out new practices.  This could be guided prayer using internet resources or listening to Christian music (not while doing chores, but while it is your only activity).  You could try keeping a prayer journal or fasting.  Maybe read a book of the Bible and note questions you have and try to follow those.  Maybe try writing out your prayers.  Or sitting in nature and reading the psalms.  These are just a few suggestions.  There are hundreds of ways to worship God and to tend to your spirit.  

In this time, it is easy to neglect your spirituality. To extend my story to the breaking point- this is a season of high winds and you may need to fly the kite of your discipleship differently.  Choose to attend to your soul and God in a new way even if it is just for now.  There is no  excuse though to not continue seeking God, praising God, and deepening your discipleship. Do so with the joy of kids flying a kite.  Do so with the joy of a disciple.    

With love,