Devotional 4/27/2020

My youngest daughter had a bad day yesterday.  She woke up too early and from there the day went down.  I was away for part of the morning which meant soothing her or just surviving her fits were up to her father.  And what she wanted more than anything was just to be held.  In fact, when I got home she clung to me or her father that rest of the day other than for nap.  She does not have the language to tell us what was wrong and though we tried, all she wanted was to hold on to us. Her clinging then made our older daughter cling as she felt overlooked and so we spent much of the day holding or snuggling our children.  Which honestly is not a bad way to spend a rainy Sunday if there had not also been so much crying.  Sometimes babies and children just have days like this.  When it seems like all they want to do is cling on to whoever they love best or whoever they feel safest with.  To be honest, I have had these days as an adult.  When I was pregnant and feeling horrible, all I wanted was my mother to tell me it was alright.  I might not have clung to her physically but I held on to her words of comfort and love.  

As Christians, we are called to cling to God.  Not in the way where we cry at him and do not let God do anything else.  But in the way that we are to desire God's presence so much that we will not be separated- that we will defy anything that tries to get between us and hold on tight to God instead. God is the one who we should trust the most, find comfort in and turn to for guidance.  Like a child, we should cling to God.  We should not settle for anything less than our souls holding fast or clinging to God.  

Today I invite us all to read Psalm 62 and 63.  Consider how you should trust in God, how you should find comfort with God, and how you should cling tight even in days of hardships and trial.