Devotional 4/2/2020- Faithfulness

My children have unbelievable faith in me  They completely trust that I will feed them, clothe them, keep them as safe as possible, and care for them when they hurt.  This has reached the level of trust jumps for Belle.  I will just be standing near her and if she is on something she will just say jump hug and lunge at me! She is sure I will catch her and with a loving hug no less.  While mostly this is cute, when it happened at the top of our basement stairs we did have a talk about what it is okay to jump off of whether or not mom was standing there.  

Now there will be times that I will 'fail' my children.  I can be grumpy.  I cannot protect them from every harm.  I will not permit them to do something they want. I will miss something I should have seen.  And in truth all of these have already happened.  Yet their faith in me remains unshaken.  Even when they are mad at me, they know I am their mother and they trust in me to an etent that is overwhelming.  

Faith is another one of our fruits of the Spirit.  We are to have faith in God.  We are to trust God and rely on God. And this is regardless of what is happening at any given moment in our lives.  God never fails us but there are still times that we are hurt, that we receive consequences from our actions, that we feel like God is not giving us what we need.  Yet regardless of how we feel or what is happening around us, our faith in God should be unshaken.  As much as my children have faith in me, we should have even more in God.  

Because God is here with us every moment.  God will never abandon us, even when we probably deserve it.  God has remained faithful to our covenant for God to be our Lord, even when we have served ourselves before God.  God has been faithful to us- isn't that crazy to think?  And likewise we are called to be faithful to God.  Faithful to God, to God's ways, and God's commandments. 

Today I invite you to read Hebrews 11: 1-40 and 12:1-3 (yep this is more reading than most but I know for a fact you outta be staying home and so have the time).  Reflect on all that God has done for the faithful throughout scripture and history.  And think of all God has done for you.  Pray to God that you may have strong faith that will weather this storm and all the other ones.  And take the time to look out your window too- signs of spring are abounding a further reminder that the dark of winter is often followed by new and energized life. 

With Faith,