Devotional 4/13/2020

I am going to start here today with a fair amount of honesty.  I am not a great cleaner.  Our house is a low level of mess at all times.  It never crosses over to where it should be condemned.  However, there is rarely a time that the counters are all clear or the toys all put away or the shelves dusting.  The bathrooms always are kind of clean because I think that the room you get cleaned in should be clean, but the house is just never going to be featured in some article highlighting a working mom doing it all.  I do not do it all and I would honestly rather play with my girls or workout than spend another 30 minutes cleaning a table (I know I could just clean as a mess is made but lets just be honest that that ain't happening).  

And overall I am okay with this.  I do not put a high value on a sterile home environment.  However, the last week I have had a problem.  The kitchen floor.  Ugh.  I do not know what is on it but eh gross is the appropriate reaction.  It does not mess on it,  Felix has swept it several times with the girls 'help'.  But it is just weirdly sticky in places even though there is nothing visible and feels gross to my feet.  I will not go into the kitchen barefoot anymore.  And I have intended to wash it every day.  It has gone on my to do list for at least 5 days.  So why is it still not done? 

Well, in part because you cannot mop in our house with the girls awake.  They think its a game and it leads to so much crying, either because you wont let them on it or because of when they fall and hit their heads. In part its not done because then after the girls go to bed, I am either doing work or I just need to stare at the TV for twenty minutes before going to bed myself.  Partly it is also because it was Holy Week and there were additional services that needed to be planned, recorded, edited and posted along with new Bible studies and our first Zoom worship.  And partly its not done because it is not fun to do. 

Yet, for all these reasons, the truth is I should have mopped this floor.  I am the one suffering from the inattention and the truth is no matter what else was going on, I could have found the 15 minutes to mop it in the last 5 days.  I simply have not because I do not really want to.  Which when you think about it is pretty silly (putting it nicely) that I won't do something that I can even though I am the one suffering for it.  

Sometimes this is how it is with our spiritual life.  There might not be alot wrong with it when you look at it but it feels a little off.  And we know we should do something about it but we are busy, and there is this other thing that needs to happen first or this other thing we would rather do.  We have tons of reasons why we just ran out of time to attend to it but honestly none of them are very valid if we look.  And the silly thing is, that we are the ones that suffer..  When we do not attend to our spiritual lives, we suffer and those closest to us to as we are not the healthiest that we can be.  Yet, we still put it off.  

Right now is one of those times that the reasons to neglect your spiritual life are easy to come by.  We cant physically go to church.  Bible study and Sunday school aren't happening like normal.  The internet is out or slow so its hard to do this or that.  I don't have the time because I spent it all trying to figure out Mejier online ordering (in fairness I am yet to figure out Mejier's online system).  I can't do it by myself.  I would rather do something else.  And so on and so forth.  

But you are the one how suffers the most followed closely by those who love you the most.  

So today I am washing my kitchen floor (for real!) and today we all need to attend to our spiritual life.  And reading this devotion does not cut it!  Set yourself a goal and then do it- today.  No more reasons why not.  If nothing else, open the Bible and read.  Make the time to pray while fully present not while half making a different to do list.  You know you suffer when you do not do it- so do it!  You can also find ways to be creative and try new or different ways to do something.  Do you normally pray in one position or in one location- try a new one!  Take something you enjoy and make it holy- you like to crochet- say a pray at the end of every round.  Do you take a walk- pray for the people in the houses as you pass them, even if you do not know them.  

This is not a time to neglect our spiritual lives.  It is not time to neglect God.  There is no reason that is honestly valid enough to overlook the suffering we have when we do so.  So attend diligently to this today and this week.  See if it does not make you feel better, stronger, more loved, and more connected.  

With love,