Devotional 4/1/2020- Goodness

Like kindness, I think goodness is another one of the fruits of the Spirit that we tend to overlook.  Yet, I have been struck by how many acts of goodness I have seen in the passed few weeks. 

I cannot tell you how many members of Ashley and Kilbourne UMCs have dropped off food or money for the food pantry at Kilbourne.  I cannot tell you how many members have mentioned they are calling or communicating with others.  I cannot tell you how many people I have heard of shopping for others so that they are not at risk.  I cannot tell you how much goodness I have seen. 

Now obviously there is a fair amount of non-goodness out there too.  And today is April Fool's Day and lets just put out there it is not good or funny to COVID-19 prank someone.  But seriously there has been a fair amount of non-goodness out there and it can often be carried by social media further than the good stories.  And this makes it seem like the world is just going bad and it increases fear and stress.  

Yet, God declared us and all creation good when we were created and we are called to be good today.  Truthfully I think many of you are acting 'good' in this time. 

So if you are not being good, quite simply stop.  Aim for goodness.  But if you are already trying your best for goodness, which I believe many of you are, I issue a different challenge today.  Part of bearing fruit is that others may see God's work in this world.  So today share in someway some goodness that you have seen in the last few weeks.  Share about teachers you see working like crazy to keep educating, about volunteers you see doing good, about ways people are reaching out to you or others, about someone who smiled at you, about happy messages on the sidewalks or cards in the mail.  

Share something- whether that is through Facebook or other social media, or by calling up someone and sharing the thought with them.  But today let us spread the goodness by sharing it and highlighting where we see it.  Too often non-goodness is front and center.  Today let us disrupt the idea that everything is bad by spotlighting the good we see. That it might spread and people may also see it and that in that they may stress less and love more.  

 With joy,