Devotional 3/20/2020

 did something wrong yesterday.  Okay, if I am honest I did many things wrong yesterday but I am only owning up to one here.  And that is that all day long I did not drink any water.  I drank lots (that sounds wrong) but no water.  I had iced tea, iced coffee and Diet Dr Pepper.  

And I realized this mostly because today I hurt.  Whenever I forget water I ache the following day.  My hips, my shoulders and my wrists in particular.  I assume its something about hydration and swelling.  I do not really know the why but I know it happens. 

Here is the very dumb part- I know this and there are days I still not drink water!  I know that I will hurt the following day or not feel as sharp.  I know there are downsides.  And yet I still just do not do it every day.  

Why you might ask: Why would you not do something that is fairly easy when you know there will be harm?  Well for one I just forget some days when I get into things.  Second, I find water kind of boring in flavor and I would rather drink tea in particular. Third, I just do not.  I might think about it, know I should and still not do it.  And I am going to call myself out- that is just dumb!  

Now you should drink water and so should I.  But I think we are in far more danger of overlooking our need for spiritual water.  We know that we feel better, that our lives are better with it, but we still sometimes just skip over it.  Some days we just get going with doing and we forget to read scripture, pray and listen.  Some times, we would just rather do something else. Some times we have zero reason. We just do not do it even when we think about it and know we should.  

However, when we make sure we consume spiritual water, then we are healthier for it.  We metaphorically ache when we skip it.  We need this for our souls to thrive just as we need water for our bodies to thrive. 

Now, the woman at the well in John 4 clearly speaks to our need for living water.  But I want to draw your attention to Isaiah 12:3 where it is written "With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation."  We are called to draw this water and to draw it with joy.  The water will save us in this life and the following.  Because it is not just salvation after death.  But this water fills us up and takes care of us in this life as well.  

It's going to be even easier in coming weeks to ignore this water if you choose.  Worship will be happening differently, normal Bible studies and groups are postponed.  You can easily just skip over it.  But I urge you not to do so.  It might be easy to skip but it is not good for you.  We need God and God's water at all times.  Put in place some new practices now to make sure you are intentionally drinking of God's water. 

Today, I invite you to spend some times reading your favorite verses.  Spend time just sinking into God's water and let is wash you clean and fill you up.  Cant think of a favorite verse right now?  Try turning to Matthew and read some there.  Capture the words of Jesus, see the successes and mistakes of his early followers, see how creatively they do church.  Whatever verses or books you choose, spend real time with them today.  Do not hurry through so you can get to your real work or get back to binging movies or news.  Pick an amount of time and actually set an alarm if if helps you.  Settle in, dig in deep, and drink.  

Love and Peace